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I want to share my story about how nutrition literally saved my life. I’d say my first digestive issues started with my travels to Latin America at age 17. I lived in Costa Rica for 2 months, ( teaching dental hygiene to school age children in rural areas) and experienced a diet high in sugar and fried foods which caused a new “gut feeling” for me. I thought it was normal, but now when I look back, I realize that was the start of my gut problems.

My gut issues were exacerbated by another several month stay in Chile a few years later, when I came down with Typhoid and Salmonella as an exchange student in the early 90’s. I was grateful that I was an athlete my whole life and I believe that made my recovery quick and my 20’s were easy living. I started a career as a high school history teacher, did a few triathlons, rafted a bunch of rivers, traveled to a few continents, got married, and towards the end of my 20’s gave birth to my first child.

It was after the birth of my son, that my world changed, and I chose the path less traveled. I chose organic EVERYTHING, and started to educate myself on real food, (thank you Michael Pollan.) I had my second child, 18 months after my son ( not suggested- 3 years is ideal) and struggled to find balance, as my husband toiled away at holding down two and a half jobs so I could stay home with the kids. I was a natural mama supporting all things baby from home birth, nursing, family bed, to positive discipline and homeschooling. I was happy, but spread thin. I still struggled because as I gave my kids ALL that I had, and I was not leaving anything for myself. It wasn’t until they got a little older that I was saved by my yoga practice… And then we chose to have baby #3, and again my world was rocked. I had another beautiful home birth, but this time the recovery was different.

At five weeks postpartum, within a period of 4 hours, I was on all fours. My husband rushed home, and my neighbor drove me to the Emergency Room. I was checked in and spent the next five days hooked up to IV antibiotics. My gut was a mess, and I was left susceptible to another more serious infection, Clostridium Dificile, more commonly known as C.diff. Again, antibiotics were thrown at me, and having no other choice I took them. It was a horrible time… This was my rock bottom, and I could have stayed there. NO, not really, I had three kids and I had to do something else.

I found the GAPS Diet, and it healed my gut, and gave me my life back. It was not easy, but I know I am healthier now than I was ten years ago, and that is why I am here telling my story.


Unfortunately we have been led down a path that common aches and pains are a part of life, I disagree, and believe it is within each of us to find our own healing path, and I want to encourage and empower you to find yours. I’m a passionate believer in food as medicine. I have a strong desire to share what I have learned from my own experiences with food and healing, especially applying it to children.

I healed my gut with the GAPS diet, a healing foods diet, and have since gone on to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a Certified GAPS Practitioner and a Certified Healing Foods Specialist.

And you know what? I was not a good cook… really. In the last seven years I have become my own food guru-eating at home 99% of the time… It did not happen overnight — I took baby steps to sustainable habits that made the difference. Now when I think about going out, I can’t think of any food that would taste better (and make me feel better) than mine. I work one on one with clients to solve their digestive issues and nagging health problems. I also offer community talks, support groups locally and virtually.

  • My family is my rock. They are my everything. My love.
  • I trust that people are good, and have good intentions.
  • Food is part of our family culture. We enjoy it, take pictures, talk about it, and live for it.
  • I believe in supporting farmers, and knowing my local “food shed.”
  • I believe in nature and it healing qualities. I believe that nothing can’t be made better with an ocean swim, hike, or sun on your body.

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