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Feeling Overwhelmed?

I know that beginning this process can feel like an enormous undertaking, so I want you to know that you don’t have to do it alone.

I want to support you!

For this project, I partnered with Maria Fahrner, my co-host on The Moms I Know Podcast, and together we built an amazing resource to help support you and your family on your homeschooling journey.

We’ve put all of our knowledge and decades of experience together to make this handbook just for you!


Download the Ultimate Homeschool Handbook Now

“This is an amazing resource!!!!! I wish such a thing was there when I was starting. I loved how you speak about taking the journey at the child’s pace and not rushing childhood. That’s my favorite part - letting my kids be kids." - K.R.

“The ultimate homeschool guide” is just that! It touches on all the important aspects of homeschooling or “family schooling.”Whether you are just starting out, or you’re needing new insights at a later stage of the the journey, it’s got  you covered. True experts in their field. So glad to have this straightforward guide as a tool to help us navigate the landscape of education for our children.“ - R.T.

In This Handbook You Will:

  • Learn the amazing benefits of homeschooling

  • Explore different homeschool philosophies to match your own family’s values

  • Set up your learning space to inspire life long learning

  • Find out about the many homeschool options as well as how to set up your own homeschool

  • Discover the magic of family schooling with lots of curriculum inspiration

  • Have resources from books and websites to podcasts and YouTube channels at your fingertips. 


After reading this handbook you will know what it takes to homeschool successfully and have fun while doing so.




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Download the Homeschool Handbook Now

"This guide is such a useful tool for understanding homeschool options without the overwhelm. It’s thorough, yet simple, with phenomenal resources. Finally, what I had been hoping for." - M.M.

"I only wish I would have had the 'The Ultimate Homeschool Guide' 10 years ago when I first started my homeschooling journey with my husband and three children. One of the most challenging things for me during those first years of homeschooling was how long it took me (years!) to find all the curriculums/homeschool philosophies out there. To have them all simply laid out, like they are in this ebook, would have been amazing! 'The Ultimate Homeschool Guide' addresses the initial concerns most parents starting the homeschooling journey face, indeed all of the initial questions I had. This guide, written in a simple format and with the heart of the homeschooling mother authors, is a must for all parents who are thinking about or have already begun their homeschooling journey." - E.M.



What is Family School? 

Living and learning together as a family. 

Learning happens every day through every aspect of our lives and we believe that it’s our responsibility as parents to nurture and cultivate our children's curiosity and thirst for knowledge, to help them form positive relationships with learning and allow them to investigate their personal areas of interest to find and follow what excites them.

Get The Ultimate Homeschool Handbook!

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