Early Morning Eggs on the Road

 We are a BIG road tripping family.  It is part of our family culture to get on the road. Having children has actually motivated us to see more by road, than we had when it was just the two of us… We are still not at the back packing stage yet, but last year got us back on the river.  Five years ago, when I first got sick, I was determined not to let it slow our traveling down.  That first year we had an amazing road trip up to British Colombia. We have since road tripped throughout California numerous times, the Southwest, and my favorite, heading out to Yellowstone National Park. The key was to find foods that travel and pack easily, and foods that are within my diet parameters, which basically means it needed to be nutrient dense.

I will post more about easy to travel foods as summer beckons closer, but for now we are going to start with eggs and these mini frittatas. Of course hard boiled eggs are hard to beat, but you can whip these up the night...

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