Your Healing Basket

This week in The Mom Map I talk about the importance of having a healing basket. A healing basket is what you reach for when you hear that awful thump in the middle of the night or just the screams of terror when you know immediately that not everything is ok. All you moms know what I am talking about. I have too many stories to tell but I do know that every mom has gone through a stressful situation of not knowing what to do in the moment.  For me I learned early on to distract my children from the pain with something soft and something they could connect to. I would then administer the essential oils, the herbs and tinctures to make them feel ok. Sometimes it was just the time out that was needed, other times it  required more attention, and the healing basket was the grounding that was needed for both of us. I found that it grounded me as well, and gave me comfort that everything would be ok. 

I want to share what is in my healing basket because it is something simple, and something that when we go on the road or on a trip it comes with us. 

 SOMETHING SOFT: such as a piece of silk, flannel, or my favorite, a cotton bandana. I use this to hold ice if needed, a compress, or just for soft comfort.

SOMETHING TO CONNECT: this could be a picture, stuffed animal, which is used to distract and tell a story. 


lavender or melaleuca ( calming, skin issues)

thyme or oregano ( anti bacterial)

ginger, peppermint or fennel (digestive)

peppermint- (fever )

- RESCUE REMEDY - for mom first, and then child

SALVE- I use an essential oil based salve, mostly for skin irritations

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE- for cleansing purposes



And of course, LOVE


I hope this gives you some inspiration to get a basket together, what's in your basket?


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