Poop Matters... (I know this is uncomfortable, but it shouldn't be. ;-))

We all poop. How we poop and what we poop really deserves more respect than we give it. We are embarrassed to poop, scared to poop, and simply just can’t poop? Or, we poop too much? Why? There are so many reasons emotional and physical, that are tied up in the bacterial chaos of our colon that we just need to get out.

                                             “Better Out Than In”

This is something I have been saying to my kids for a long time…

Do you check your poop? I am here to tell you, you should. Sorry about that, but the truth is, it is one of the easiest ways to check in on your health, AND also a way for you to check in on your kids’ digestive health. I’m not kidding! Growing up, my three kids would here me from the door asking how does it look? what color is it? Sometimes they would answer, and other times no. At first it was embarrassing, but soon they realized the importance of looking at their poop, and making conclusions and asking for help. I showed them the guide, and what ideal should look and feel like.  I recommend using two helpful tools to demystify the poop. The first is the Bristol Stool Chart, used in conjunction with a food, mood, poop journal. Seriously, these two documents can change your life, and put you in charge.

The Bristol Stool Chart kept it easy and funny, I mean who doesn't laugh at this:

And the Food Mood Poop chart made us problem solve. Keep a chart for at least 3-5 days:

Think about it, “You are what you eat,” right? So if you are digesting properly, your bowel movements should look like smooth, maybe some cracks formed in a shape of a sausage or something close. Now that is what you want to have in the porcelain bowl, if it is anything different, than you might want to do some more work. I think the two most common ailments I hear about are constipation, literally- What are you holding on to? and Diarrhea- What do you need to pay more attention to?  So if you dealing with uncomfortable issues, take a look at these two basic lists, and try a few of these ideas. 

Constipation: Do you have a hard time going to the bathroom? Do your kids have a hard time in the bathroom? This is where the information is.
Bristol Stool Chart numbers 1-2   

                                                         Constipation Tips:
castor oil pack on belly 
yoga - on back bring knees to chest; go to the right side, and turn head to left, reverse.
essential oils for digestion rubbed on soles of feet for little ones and on tummy with skin test first: fennel, ginger, peppermint
tummy massage
soak dried figs or prunes overnight and drink the water
eliminate dairy and processed foods
eat more fat
eat more probiotic foods such as kraut

Diarrhea: Are you going to the bathroom too much? Do you bowel movements lack shape? Bristol Stool Chart 5-7

                                    Diarrhea Tips:
(remember better out than in)
for acute diarrhea: activated charcoal tablets ( ok opened up and put into drink for kids)
bone broth
teas ( slippery elm, red raspberry, nettles, mint, cinnamon)
rice cooked in broth
coconut water/hydration
probiotic foods



NOTE: These recommendations are not medical information. I am not a doctor, nor claim to be, and cannot diagnose or prescribe. These are suggestions based on my own personal experience as well as what has worked for some of my clients in my practice. If you are having either constipation or diarrhea for more than five days, and have used the above techniques, I would seek out a practitioner and run some tests.


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