It's That Time of Year Again... Fire Cider

Many years ago I got introduced to the work of Rosemary Gladstar, a pioneering herbalist who concocted a Fire Cider recipe that got really popular as a immune booster during winter months. I have made it quite a few times and am always grateful when I have it in the kitchen.  Gladstar's mission was to blend medicinal herbs for wellness and spread the word about how plants heal.  The original formula contained garlic, onions, horseradish root, ginger root, hot peppers, sometimes turmeric, and often echinacea; all powerful immune boosters that help fight off infections, colds, and flus.  The following recipe is Rosemary's recipe. (On a side note, there are now companies selling Fire Cider, which I cannot support because they have trademarked the name so small herbalists can not make their own. My solution is to get in the kitchen and make it yourself.)


Fire Cider

• ½ cup grated fresh horseradish root
• ½ cup or more fresh chopped white onions
• ¼ cup or more chopped garlic
• ¼ cup or more grated ginger root
• zest and juice from 2 organic lemons
• raw honey to taste


 • Chopped fresh or dried cayenne pepper ‘to taste’. Can be whole or powdered.  ‘ To Taste’ means should be hot, but not so hot you can’t tolerate it.  Better to make it a little milder than to hot; you can always add more pepper later if necessary.
• Optional ingredients; Turmeric, Echinacea, cinnamon, etc.
1. Place herbs in a half-gallon canning jar and cover with enough raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar to cover the herbs by at least three to four inches.  Cover tightly with a tight fitting lid.
2. Place jar in a warm place and let for three to four weeks.  Best to shake every day to help in the maceration process.
3. After three to four weeks, strain out the herbs, and reserve the liquid.
4. Add honey ‘to taste’.  Warm the honey first so it mixes in well.  “To Taste’ means your Fire Cider should taste hot, spicy, and sweet.  “A little bit of honey helps the medicine go down……”
5. Rebottle and enjoy!  Fire Cider will keep for several months unrefrigerated if stored in a cool pantry.   But it’s better to store in the refrigerator if you’ve room.
A small shot glass daily serves as an excellent tonic, or take teaspoons if you feel a cold coming on.
Take it more frequently if necessary to help your immune system do battle.

I'm making a few batches this weekend and giving them as holiday gifts. 

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